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Language is powerful. It's what connects us as human beings. That's why Cascade Translation Services strives to keep those connections alive through professional translation services. We serve as interpreters for individuals from other countries who need assistance with understanding and relaying important information. Languages we can accommodate include Spanish, Russian, French, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese, Ukraine, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

How Can We Assist You?

Medical Interpretation Services

For individuals seeking medical treatment in cases where there is a language barrier, having a interpreter is vital. Our translators will attend medical appointments to help patients understand medical terminology, diagnosis, treatment procedures and any recommendations incited by their doctor.

Employer Translation Services

For employers looking for an easy way to translate forms regarding employment. We can translate from any language, to any language. Forms we can translate include, but are not limited to:

• W2 Forms
• Employment Application Forms
• Drug Test Forms
• Tax Forms
• Job Contract Forms
• And More.

Legal Translation Services

Translators are always needed regarding legal matters. Whether potential clients have been summoned to a court proceeding or need assistance translating important legal documents, our translators are here for those situations. We act as a liaison between our client and legal representatives so that said client fully understands each part of the process.

Employers, medical professionals, and legal assistance requires clear communication between themselves and the client. Our translators confidently and fluidly translate documents into English for clarity.

International Business

A major component to translation services involves bridging the gap between companies on an international level. Our professional interpreters provide assistance with interviews, calls, in-person and video meetings to ensure both parties have total clarity when discussing business matters.

Motor Vehicle Translation Services

For individuals or companies looking to translate forms and paperwork regarding motor vehicle sales, reporting, and leasing. We can assist you in translating from any language, to any other language. We can translate vehicle title forms, purchasing paperwork, tax forms, and more. Contact us today.

General Assistance

There are many situations that arise in day-to-day life that an individual may require a translator. We're here to be that guide. For instance, if you have injured yourself in the workplace and require information on how to receive help, we can translate for you. Do you need guidance on applying for school? Or for employment? For all of the stated situations, our translators extend their help to you.

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